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Our PANSS Training Program is designed to improve PANSS rating skills and SCI-PANSS interviewing skills through the use of highly interactive didactic and applied training methods. These methods include the use of videos, live interviews, and web-based training. Depending on a trainee’s previous experience and the training methods employed, it may take anywhere between three days to two month to complete the training process from beginning to end. Our training program is personalized for every trainee. Trainees receive expert advice and focused, individualized supplemental training on scoring and rating techniques as well as to interviewing skills.

The title “Certified PANSS Rater” is granted to those individuals who have successfully completed TPI’s training and certification program and demonstrated adequate levels of understanding and capability with the PANSS. Certified PANSS Raters are considered qualified to score PANSS items and conduct SCI-PANSS interviews, and are eligible for periodic re-certification.

Our goal is to help trainees maintain their skills over time. TPI offers periodic recertification to any previously Certified PANSS rater. We consider this to be an integral part of the program, allowing each rater to ensure that their skills and calibration with the scale remain adequate over time. When required, TPI will recommend “recalibration” in the form of additional training. TPI helps to ensure that the raters are up to date with the most recent standards, providing ongoing support while they continue to utilize the PANSS to the best of their ability.

The cost of training may vary based on number of participants (group vs. individual) and may be scaled to insure that it is affordable for all persons.

Training in other psychometric assessments is also available if requested and deemed feasible.

If you have any questions related to the Assessment Training Program, including the application process, open training dates, or other training questions, please utilize the contact form.