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History of TPI

The PANSS Institute’s unique mission is to support the validity and reliability of the PANSS, and to train raters in the optimal use of the PANSS, which is the most widely used scale for psychotic disorders worldwide. TPI provides premier PANSS training services to researchers, clinicians, and other qualified professionals. TPI provides the only PANSS training program led by the Expert Consensus Panel© comprised of experts who authored & continue to develop the scale. Other training organizations try to standardize around mean rater scores rather than gold standard scores. While these training programs increase reliability without validity, gold standardized training programs establish benchmarks that will not vary by site. TPI relies on a highly-skilled, multi-lingual team of international experts, capable of deploying training programs in multiple languages across the globe. The PANSS is used globally for studies of Schizophrenia, Bipolar & Depression.