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Projects & Programs

In the recent past, TPI has collaborated with and provided training to numerous organizations and individuals. The listings below provide examples of the services and larger projects TPI has carried out:
  • Tomsk Clinical Psychiatric Hospital – More than fifty Russian psychiatrists, psychologists, and academics participated in PANSS training and certification provided in the autumn of 2008. The event convened on the eve of the hospital’s centennial celebration. Participants provided TPI with data collection to evaluate multi-lingual training methods, rater comprehension and local relevance of assessment items and symptom presentation.

  • Singapore Institute of Mental Health – A group of more than 20 students and researchers participated in to prepare them for use of the scale for use in research.

  • Qatar – TPI is part of a grant from the Qatar National Research Foundation made to the Weill Cornell Medical College to translate and validate the PANSS and other instruments into Arabic for use in the Gulf and Egypt.

  • Riverdale Mental Health Association – In 2012, TPI provided training in the use of the PANSS in clinical practice and case management to 15 clinicians.